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Machine Intelligence is transforming the way we live

BV works with entrepreneurs to transform and reconstruct the world through artificial intelligence. We’re investing time, expertise, data, access, and market insights to help change the world. Faster.

“Artificial intelligence is the ember that will eventually illuminate the path to a new future. ”

— Robin Li, Founder of Baidu

What we do

BV is an independent venture fund established by Baidu in 2017. BV's investors include Baidu as well as other leading financial institutions and businesses. BV currently manages roughly $500M USD across 3 funds, and has offices in Beijing and San Francisco.

Our mission is to support entrepreneurs and companies who are spearheading the new age of artificial intelligence. These companies are changing the way we work and live—and ultimately how we interact.

From quantum computing to computational genetics, smart cities to precision medicine, Baidu Ventures invests at the forefront of the AI revolution, with an eye toward the massive changes to industry powered by AI.

We know what it takes to build a data-driven company. We believe in finding the best entrepreneurs and giving them the necessary fuel and direction to turn their vision into reality. By leveraging our partnerships, our access to data annotation & collection, computing power, technical talent & advice, and unique datasets, as well as our singular focus on the technologies that emerge during this AI era, we try to see ourselves as co-founders of every company we invest in.

We seek extraordinary founders, with unique visions for the future, who can inspire and partner with us. And we’re willing to take big risks on companies working to change the future.

Investment Philosophy

What We're Looking For

AI is transforming the way we live and work


Enabled by AI

As our ability to collect, ingest, and process data increases, we want to invest in companies who are harnessing AI to improve the efficiency of nodes, economic efficiency, and decision making.


Everything Enabling AI

Deep tech entrepreneurs and tinkerers who redefine what’s possible, including core developments in algorithms, sensors, new computing paradigms, chips, distributed storage systems, and more.


Compute in New Contexts

Entrepreneurs are rethinking the way technology intersects with everyday life, produces our goods, and helps us make decisions. We want to invest in a new generation of companies creating and resulting from these changes.

Portfolio Companies

The sparks of vision that are changing the world

Bo Chuang Lian Dong

Intelligent machinery for agriculture.

The BV Team

Wei Liu

Wei is the CEO of BV. Formerly a General Partner at Legend Star and the Chairman of Comet Labs, Wei began systematically investing across the artificial intelligence industry since 2011 and has participated in the financing of more than 100 artificial intelligence companies in China and the United States covering infrastructure, intelligent machine and industrial applications. To date his AI portfolio companies have amassed an aggregate valuation of over 10 billion USD, with companies such as Face++, AISpeech, DDing, Knowbox, Spacety and more. Wei has 15 years of investment management experience and earned his bachelor’s degree from the University of Electronic Science and Technology of China and a master's degree from Cambridge University.

Yujie Qi

Yujie first joined Baidu back in 2000 and was formerly Senior Technology Director and an integral part of Baidu’s core technology team. He is credited with the creation of numerous Baidu core applications such as Baidu Phoenix Nest system, Baidu Tieba (Message board), Baidu Knows (Wiki) and more. In 2010 he founded and acted as CEO at DoMob, China’s leading mobile ad network which was acquired by Blue Focus in 2015. Joining BV as partner and member of the investment committee, Yujie brings invaluable technical and startup expertise to the team. Yujie holds an EMBA from the China European International Business School (CEIBS class of ’08) and was the winner of the first prize of the National Science and Technology Progress Award in 2000.

Saman Farid
Partner (US)

Saman is a passionate supporter of early-stage startups. He built startups in the areas of e-commerce, IP television, and logistics management. After two exits, Saman decided to pursue his passion of helping entrepreneurs succeed by founding Comet Labs – a dedicated fund & incubator with the explicit goal of helping AI technology become widespread and productive. Saman invested in 48 companies through the fund and helped incubate dozens of idea-stage companies and academic breakthroughs. Saman has previously held positions at Honeywell, Verizon, Deloitte Consulting and Microsoft in roles ranging from R&D to operations optimization. He received his bachelor’s degree in Control Systems Engineering from the Cooper Union and his MBA from Tsinghua and MIT. Looking for a more scalable way to help startups globally, Saman joined BV as a Partner leading the US team. He invests in AI companies in their early stages.

Felix Xin Fang

Xin focuses on AI applications in finance, big data, enterprise and automotive industries. Before Baidu Ventures, Xin was an Associate Director at Renren Investments where he participated in deals and portfolio management in companies such as Sofi, FiscalNote, Snowball, Dazhangfang among others. Having spent time prior with Tsing Capital and GF Securities, Xin has a strong understanding of automotive and intelligent manufacturing as well as China’s capital markets. Xin holds a master’s degree from Peking University in Computer Science and bachelor’s degree in Chemistry from Wuhan University.

Edmond Wang
Senior Expert

Edmond joined Baidu Ventures in 2017 with a focus on the vertical integration of new technologies in logistics, travel, social media, etc. Prior to BV, Edmond was an investor with Legend Star and Qihoo360. At Qihoo360, Edmond was responsible for strategic investments in AI, automotive, robotics, AR and IOT and participated in the investments of BJEV、Motake、Oculii、, etc. Edmond holds a MBA from the Tsinghua – MIT joint program.

Fang Yuan

Prior to Baidu Ventures Fang worked at Comet Labs, an early stage AI & robotics fund, as an Operations Director. Before Comet, she did business strategy & operations for two “unicorn” startups. Early in her career, Fang was a consultant at Oliver Wyman Financial Services consulting, focusing on general management, operational and IT improvements for major corporations globally (US, Canada, Brazil, Mexico, Nigeria, etc.).

Sandy Li
Principal - Head of Biotech Investments

Prior to joining BV, Sandy was a biotech and med-tech consultant at Simon-Kucher & Partners. She received her Ph.D. in Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering from UCLA and has first-author publications in high-impact journals such as Nature Materials. She also holds an MS in Biomedical Engineering from UCLA and a BS in Chemistry from Shanghai Jiaotong University.

Bob Ren

Bob previously worked at Tsing Capital, where he participated in investments such as Sensoro, Vion Tech, Jidou Auto and more. He also spent time at Iris Capital Partners where he focused on advanced manufacturing, clean-tech and agriculture tech. Bob obtained his BS in Finance from Ohio State University and holds a Master’s in Finance from John Hopkins University.

Yiwei Lin

Yiwei mainly targets investment in new population, new interaction and new consumer field. Before BV, she was in charge of early investment in consumption upgrade and culture entertainment at Legend Star. Prior to that, she was a management consultant at Roland Roger. Yiwei got her M.S. from Cambridge Judge Business School and B.S. in architecture from Tsinghua University.

Hexiao Zhang

Hexiao holds a BS in Mathematics and Statistics from Peking University, and Master’s degrees in Finance and Economics from Peking University HSBC Business School and The Chinese University of Hong Kong, respectively. He previously interned with Crystal Stream Capital, A+A Investments and Baidu.

Yuhao Zhang

Yuhao received his BS degree in physics from Yuanpei College of Peking University and PhD in biophysics from College of Life Science of Peking University. He has previously interned at bio-pharma/bio-tech including MSD China and BGI and also served at SDIC Venture Capital.

Guanghua Li

Prior to Baidu Ventures, Guanghua was associate at China AMC, where he worked in structured finance team. Before China AMC, he interned with BearingPoint UK, China Development Bank Capital, China Merchant Securities Capital and Deloitte. Guanghua obtained his BS in Finance from Wuhan University and holds a Master degree in Economics from Imperial College London.

Jason Aramburu

Prior to joining BV, Jason was founder and CEO of Edyn, a YC-backed Internet of Things Startup. Edyn sells smart sensors and irrigation controllers to the gardening and agriculture industries nationwide through The Home Depot. Before Edyn, he worked overseas in East Africa training farmers to use organic techniques. He studied Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at Princeton University. Jason is also a Forbes 30 under 30 in Social Entrepreneurs. He is interested in AI and blockchain technology applied to traditional industries such as agriculture, mining and logistics.

Unique Access & Resources Beyond Capital

Strap on some rocket boosters🚀

Market strategy, insights & access

As companies grow and develop, investors have the unique vantage point of being able to advise and observe trends across industries. As a fund operating across the US and China—two of today’s most exciting markets—we bring a unique view of what it takes to scale and defend a business internationally.

Technical talent and expert advice

BV's relationships across Baidu and other technology companies mean we can rapidly bring key technical thought leaders and their opinions to bear. Whether you are looking for advice on scaling your infrastructure, the pros and cons of different ML frameworks, or hardware/sensor integration, BV’s advisors and mentor network can help you solve problems quicker and outperform your competitors.

Supercharging your product development cycle

BV has unique access to an array of tools typically limited to tech giants, such as compute power (FPGA / GPU clouds), ML tools & frameworks, and data annotation resources (15,000 trained data annotators & project managers available to help you rapidly increase accuracy in your models).

Unique datasets

We help portfolio companies get early access to (or to create) unique, high-value datasets for training ML systems.

International Perspective

We organize opportunities for portfolio companies to learn about startup culture and meet potential partners in China (and internationally) through site visits, meetups, and collective trips.

Founder network

Since our investments are focused on startups working along the data pipeline, founders face similar challenges. We know that sometimes, founders can be the best mentors for one another. So, we create opportunities for founders to interact and short circuit some common challenges.


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